Riding Fit

Riding Fit Blog Post

Lately, I have seen many social media posts about how many calories are burned for the many different aspects of owning and riding a horse. Reading those posts can be deceptive, especially if you are trying to lose weight or stay fit. While not completely untruthful, mucking stalls and thirty minutes of horseback riding spent walking, trotting, and cantering does burn a considerable number of calories, the truth, at least for me anyway, is that farm work and riding alone aren’t always enough to keep you riding fit. Continue reading

Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy Mounted Shooting for Greenhorns and Rank Beginners

Earlier this year, as I waffled back and forth trying to decide whether or not to attend the American Horse Publication’s Equine Media Seminar in Scottsdale, AZ, I received an email about a surprise pre-conference activity. Not long afterward, I learned just how special this surprise really was as an opportunity had presented itself to participate in an actual Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clinic. Right then and there I waffled no more. The decision was made. I. was. going. Continue reading

The Seven Stages of Horse Show Preparation:


Pictured at a previous show, here’s hoping that the coming weekend’s show is just as fun.

For as long as I can remember, at every horse show I have ever competed in, I have gone through the following stages. Some of the stages are not so bad but others could use some work. Established cycles are hard to break. As I get older though, I’m working to keep the positive ones and transform the not so positive ones into new and improved habits. If all goes according to plan, this weekend I’ll enter the show ring once again. I’ll let you know which habits that I kept, which ones I discarded, as well as what worked and what didn’t.

Continue reading

On Car Smells and Horseback Riding


The interior of my car. True story.

If you read my previous post, “On Painted Toenails and Horseback Riding,” you know that over the past several months I have started to ride more and let certain, shall we say “non-essential,” things go. Because who really cares? I’m riding!

The interior and exterior appearance of my once pristine car is the next in a long list of those non-essential things that I have decided I no longer want to bother with. The outside of my car is typical of what you would expect of any vehicle that makes regular trips to a barn. It’s dusty on the outside and occasionally there is mud. I can’t remember the last time that I gave it a full-fledged bath.  My family doesn’t worry much with the exterior, especially my husband whose truck more often than not resembles my car. Continue reading

Relationship Firsts for Horse Girls


In most “normal” relationships there are many firsts. We’ve read about them in romance novels. We’ve experienced them in real life. We look forward to their first happy occurrence. The first kiss, the first “I love you,” even the first out of town trip.

Those firsts mark important relationship milestones.  For us horse girls though there are other important firsts of a completely different and non-romantic type. There is the first trail ride. The first horse show.

I do not share those experiences with just anyone. But there is another relationship first for us that’s  HUGE! I was horrified to admit it at first but deep down it is as equally important to us as any other first in a more standard relationship. Continue reading