Pasture Management 101: Renovating Horse Fields

Pasture Management Series Photo 2.jpg

So many times I see horse facilities that have pastures in need of renovation. There’s a lot of reasons behind it and, for the most part, the property owners or managers truly want to do something to improve their pastures but they just aren’t sure what. That why, I really enjoyed writing this weekly, mini series of blog posts for In this week’s series installment I talk about how to evaluate your current pasture situation and what to do if you deem them lacking. Continue reading

Equine Vaccines: The “Why” Behind My Personal Vaccination Protocol


*This post, while not technically sponsored by Zoetis, was written as an entry for their Equine Blogger Challenge. If you know me at all, you know how competitive I am. Even though I don’t normally post more than once a week, once I read about the “Challenge” I was in. Though this post highlights Zoetis and their products it also provides information on equine health and vaccines that I think you will find useful. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I’m a Zoetis fan. Continue reading