AHP Equine Industry Survey

00001I’m excited to use my blog as a venue to announce that the 2018 American Horse Publications Equine Industry Survey has launched! The information gathered as a result of this survey can benefit all of us who are involved in the equine community. AHP’s official press release regarding the survey can be found here AHP Equine Industry Survey Press Release. Want to take the survey as I did? You are eligible if you own at least one horse, are over the age of eighteen, and live in the United States. Here’s the link AHP Survey. I promise it won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Happy surveying and happy riding!


Pasture Management 101: High Traffic Areas and Overgrowth

Pasture Management Series Photo 3

The fifth blog post in my miniseries on pasture management for TheHorse.com is up! With help from my expert sources I talk about the best ways to manage these important issues. Miss the first four posts? Don’t worry! For your convenience I’ve categorized them here on the blog under ‘The Horse’ articles. The link to this week’s post can be found below: Continue reading

Pasture Management 101: Starting a New Pasture from Scratch

Pasture Manageament Post 3

If you’ve ever been faced with starting a new pasture from scratch you won’t want to miss this week’s blog post I wrote for TheHorse.com for the scoop on how to successfully make it happen. Link below. Continue reading

Dunlap and Whitwell Rock!

Dunlap Rock

Dunlap Rock

Dunlap Rockers: On my blog, I am an affiliate to several businesses but only one of those is local. You can find your rock somewhere in the parking lot of that business.

Whitwell Rock

Whitwell Rock

Whitwell Rockers: You can find your rock where horses are shown.

Contest Rules:

1.) When rocks are found please post to the respective Facebook page: Dunlap Rocks or Whitwell Rocks and tag either me, Hope Ellis-Ashburn, and/or my blog’s Facebook page, Red Horse on a Red Hill.

2.) Message me on Facebook, either on my personal page or my blog’s page, to arrange a time to meet in Dunlap or Whitwell to exchange your rock for a free, size large, Red Horse on a Red Hill t-shirt. (*Note: In order to receive t-shirt the rock must be returned.)

3.) Finder consents to having their photograph made with the rock and t-shirt for a press release in local newspapers and social media outlets.

4.) Winners determined at the blog owner’s discretion.

Come on over to the blog and shop ya’ll!

One of my goals with my blog has been to provide my readers with access to products and services that I either use or would use from brands that I personally trust. I am excited to announce that as of today, that goal has been reached! I have just become an affiliate with HorseLoveZ.com, Tractor Supply Company (TSC), SmartPak Equine, and Heartland Veterinary Supply!

In the coming days, weeks, and months I hope to add even more affiliates so you’ll want to stay tuned. In this post, I’ll share with you some of the exciting shopping opportunities available with these brands. The great news is that in addition to helping you with improved access to these products, you’ll also be helping me. It’s a win, win. Each time you make a purchase through these links a small commission on the sale will be credited to me to assist me in funding my ongoing horse habit. Continue reading

Article finds for the horse owner who also likes to read…

Don’t have time to search the web for interesting reads about horses? Fear not! This week I thought I would share some love to other sites AND try something a little different by sharing five of my recently discovered favorite reads. I think you’ll enjoy them too. What do you think of these? What others would you include on the list? Continue reading

Memorializing a Special Horse


My once in a lifetime horse, Faax El Din.

I could use about a million superlatives to describe him. He was truly special in every way. In my latest EQUUS article to publish on-line you’ll read all about how I memorialized him. This article originally published in EQUUS #468 (September 2016 issue). Continue reading