My Horse has a Love Interest and Other Important Truths that can Totally Wreck a Horse Show Performance


I’ve had some less than optimal horse show performances before but this one takes the prize.

We had been schooling since last show season. I had spent the better part of the week getting ready. By day I had worked my full-time job. By night, after a long day’s work and a training session with my horse, I cleaned tack. I packed. I clipped my horse and on the day before our departure I bathed her. The hotel reservations made, I journeyed off with my friend and horse show partner the evening before the show to get settled and to prepare for the early start ahead. Continue reading

Why register?

Registration Blog Post.jpg

If I’ve owned a horse that was eligible for registration I’ve always registered it. Though I know many people who don’t, I’ve never understood why. Yes, it costs money but the benefits have always seemed to well outweigh any disadvantages. With the number of registered horses declining for most breed registries, let’s look at why I consider registration to be advantageous for you and your horse. Continue reading

Biosecurity Shortcuts – Six Easy Tips to Keep Your Horse Safe at Shows

Biosecurity Blog Post

You arrive at the show grounds the evening before the show begins. It’s late and you’re tired. You just want to get everything unloaded. But could you be putting your horse at risk just by putting him in a stall? The answer is yes.

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Horse Show Ribbons

As a birthday present many years past, my husband paid for me to have my horse show ribbons fashioned into a wall hanging. Ribbons earned in my youth sat sadly bagged up in a corner of the attic until a vendor we met while attending a horse show showed us her work. Inspired by the idea I quickly pronounced this to be my gift of choice for an upcoming birthday and so my horse show ribbon wall hanging came to be. Now proudly displayed on our bedroom wall, it’s a site I take in each night as I lay down to rest. Social media is often flooded with ideas about what can be done to display ribbons earned at horse shows. While I admit to have taken advantage of a few of those tips that’s not what this week’s blog post is about. It’s about the memories each of those ribbons hold. Continue reading

AQHA World Championship Show Roundup

I have to be totally honest here. I had not previously thought of Oklahoma City as a destination town or the AQHA World Championship Show as a destination event. Boy was I ever wrong about both! As the grand prize winner of the 2016 Zoetis/EQ Stable Equine Blogger Challenge I received a trip to both. After four fun filled days, I have no idea why I didn’t plan to do this before. Both should be on every equestrian’s bucket list!

Oklahomans are THE most friendly people. I did not have a single bad experience the entire time I visited. The city itself is fantastic; clean, easy to navigate, and there are literally tons of things to do. Even given my four days there it was impossible to fit everything in. And oh my, the boots and saddles. They were enough to make even this die hard English rider suit up in chaps and saddle up.

Come along with me on my trip… Continue reading

Oklahoma Here I Come!


Whether you are a regular follower of my blog or simply read my posts from time to time you probably already know that I started this blog this past summer in July. My original goal was to connect with my readers by having a central location for my published freelance writing work. I also wanted to have a venue for other educational pieces that I had developed and maybe share a few stories of the more humorous type. Continue reading

The Seven Stages of Horse Show Preparation:


Pictured at a previous show, here’s hoping that the coming weekend’s show is just as fun.

For as long as I can remember, at every horse show I have ever competed in, I have gone through the following stages. Some of the stages are not so bad but others could use some work. Established cycles are hard to break. As I get older though, I’m working to keep the positive ones and transform the not so positive ones into new and improved habits. If all goes according to plan, this weekend I’ll enter the show ring once again. I’ll let you know which habits that I kept, which ones I discarded, as well as what worked and what didn’t.

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