5 Things You Should Know About Planning for Your Horse’s Future

Five Things You Should Know Post

Back in February of this year, I lost a dear friend and mentor. As the anniversary of her death approaches I am reminded of an unintentional yet valuable lesson that she taught me. Continue reading

Dealing with loss


Two friends recently lost treasured horses. I don’t envy what they are going through right now. It’s never easy. I love all horses and have wept for the loss of even those that I have not had quite the connection with that I have shared with others. But then there are those who somehow touch your heart. Those horses are the ones who become a part of your family. It’s easy to recognize that they changed your life for the better. Continue reading

Remembering Dixie


I’ve never really talked about her on here before but one of those “On This Day” memories popped up on my Facebook feed and just like that I had to stop and catch my breath as tears formed in my eyes.  I need to share her story with you. The “she” I am referring to is a dog and this is supposed to be a blog about horses but this dog, she was something else. She enriched my life with horses in so many ways. I miss her still. Allow me to explain. Continue reading

When is it time to say goodbye?


Once a mare with a bright personality, Kandy told me when it was her time to go.

The old mare was twenty-six years old. Though not the oldest horse on my farm her quality of life was slowly diminishing. She was moving about the pasture less than she once had and though not in any apparent pain nothing about her was as bright as it was once.  A physical examination failed to pinpoint an exact cause. On a sunny fall day she laid simply laid down and could not get up. I knew her time had come.

The young mare was five years old when she foundered. The vet at the hospital felt that she could be saved and go on to lead a useful life. Following a week of intensive care she came home. Though her care was arduous and went on for many months afterward she exhibited a will to live and gamely fought through the long recovery process.  Today she leads a happy, useful life. Continue reading