Trail Riding the Milky Way

Here’s a link to my latest EQUUS article to publish on-line. It was originally featured in the October 2017 print edition. I have so many fond memories of this place. One of my jobs when I worked at an Arabian horse farm here was to bring in one or two of the mares from the mare band per day and give them a thorough grooming. To this day, whenever I groom a horse, I still think about that. Give it a read and let me know what you think! Continue reading

Trailer Tire Savvy

Trailer Tire

Do you have concerns about purchasing or maintaining your horse trailer’s tires? Don’t miss out on my most recent EQUUS magazine article to publish on line. It provides information you need to know right now in order to make informed decisions regarding purchasing and maintaining  horse trailer tires and much more! Continue reading

Dealing with loss


Two friends recently lost treasured horses. I don’t envy what they are going through right now. It’s never easy. I love all horses and have wept for the loss of even those that I have not had quite the connection with that I have shared with others. But then there are those who somehow touch your heart. Those horses are the ones who become a part of your family. It’s easy to recognize that they changed your life for the better. Continue reading

Another reason to ride

Incentive Riding Programs Post

In my latest EQUUS magazine article to publish on line I talk about why I choose to participate in an incentive riding program and why I think you should too.  Continue reading

10 Tips for Traveling Solo With Your Horse


An image of my trailer taken several years ago when I first purchased it as a used trailer.

Due to the holiday weekend I’m posting early this week. In this week’s blog post I’m sharing with you my most recent EQUUS magazine article to publish on line, “10 Tips for Traveling Solo With Your Horse.” It originally published in the January 2017 issue, EQUUS #472.

Keeping my “suddenly single” horse happy


Introducing the star of my article, Sally.

You won’t want to miss to miss this article, originally published in September with the October 2016 issue (#469) of EQUUS magazine. In it I share the strategies I investigated to keep my single horse happy along with what worked and what didn’t. Do you own a single horse? I would love for you to share your experiences! Continue reading

Memorializing a Special Horse


My once in a lifetime horse, Faax El Din.

I could use about a million superlatives to describe him. He was truly special in every way. In my latest EQUUS article to publish on-line you’ll read all about how I memorialized him. This article originally published in EQUUS #468 (September 2016 issue). Continue reading

Adding to a Rider’s Tool Kit


Riding lessons have always been an important part of my life with horses. I always enjoy them and I always learn something new to add to my tool kit as a rider. In this article I share some tips that I have learned as a student  to help make your riding lessons more successful. Here’s the link to my article:

This article originally published in the April 2016 issue of EQUUS magazine. Issue #463.