Therapy matters

I love producing work for Arabian Horse Life magazine! The assignments are always interesting and I have gotten to meet and talk to some of the most incredible people. In this article, featured in mini issue 1, 2019, I wrote about the qualities of a good therapy horse. If you have ever thought about donating your horse to a therapy program, this article is a must read. My work begins on page 22. I hope you’ll give it a read.

Discover a Passion for Promotion

*Re-published/re-printed with permission. This article originally appeared in Issue 3 2018 of Arabian Horse Life magazine.

Bay View Photo 2

Arabian Horse Association Youth Member Paige Johnson and Fond Farewell both of Bay View Riding Academy. Photo courtesy of Denise Lineberry.

Ask most people why they chose for their farm to become a Discovery Farm, and they will tell you they did so as a fun and casual way to promote the Arabian horse. After all, who can resist seeing the wide smiles on faces or eyes sparkling with excitement the first time someone meets an Arabian horse? Choosing to become a Discovery Farm is a low-cost investment that can pay big dividends in terms of promoting the breed.

But some farms, interested in doing more, are building upon the success of their Discovery Farm programs and are arranging for opportunities above and beyond those already offered. Bay View Riding Academy and Hope Reigns Arabians are two of many farms that are doing an outstanding job of taking the Discovery Farm model a step further. Continue reading