This Old Chair

This Old Chair

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past couple of weeks, I’ve been on a break from my blog. I’ve been feeling a bit contemplative and wondering whether or not I should I continue it and if so, going forward, in what form.  By the simple fact that I’m once again posting, you’ve probably correctly guessed that I’ve decided to return for 2018. This year, however, will be full of happy changes.First, I will no longer be posting weekly. Presently, I’m planning to post every two weeks but that could change as I continue to modify what feels like the right fit for me. I also plan to change up my content.

While you’ll still find educational posts about horses, mixed in you’ll also find posts about our farmhouse remodel that I’ve alluded to in previous posts, posts about our search for our family’s new pet (a dog), guest appearances from our house cat Rose, agricultural issues outside of horses, stories about my upbringing and from adulthood that have shaped me into who I am today, and much more! I hope you’ll enjoy the new content. I get excited about the year ahead just thinking about it! To that end, this week’s post is titled “This Old Chair.”

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I sometimes get asked about where I write and how I find inspiration. Previously, I lived with my family in a 1,200 square foot pretty much cookie cutter spec house located in a neighborhood just across the street from our farm. I wrote in a bedroom that we had converted into an office. Truly, there was nothing special about.

Fast forward seventeen years and my family and I live on farm in a 2,400 square foot 1927 farmhouse that once belonged to my husband’s grandparents. It might have taken us three  years, we did much of the work in the demolition phase and foundation work on our own, but we are now living in our dream home. It’s still a work in progress but it’s wonderful to finally be “home.”  I now have the dedicated and inspirational office space that I have always craved.

In future posts, I’ll share with you my entire office as well as other rooms in the house where I write. I make no claims about being an interior designer but every room is special to me and we’re filling the house with a sense of family and who we are as individuals.  This week you’ll get to see my out of this world office chair!

Moving from a 1,200 square foot house to a 2,400 square foot house presents its own set of challenges. For one, I had tons of empty space. I also needed a new office chair since the one I previously sat on belonged to my husband who now has a home office of his own.

But, not just any office chair would do. No retail store chair with wheels for me. I wanted something that would spark my imagination. After weeks of trolling area antique stores, I came across just such a chair.

When I sit in it I feel as if I am a queen and that I should be in royal dress complete with a scepter and a crown! It’s large, ornate, and super comfy and definitely a statement piece! Whenever I sit in it I can’t help but be inspired. I feel confident that it has a story of its own and the minute I spotted it I knew that it was coming home with me.

It’s from this chair as well as other favorite locations in our new house that I’ll be bringing you future blog posts. Come along with me into 2018 from your own special place!


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