The Language of Caballo

The Language of Caballo

I love all animals. I really do. I have soft spots in my heart for dogs, cows, and cats to name just a few. But when I was a little girl, riding down the road in the backseat of the family car, I remember pointing out horses grazing in pastures. I never did that with anything else.

A horse sighting was cause for excitement. If I was able to touch them and interact with them all the better because, for me, these are moments of Zen. From the time I first raised my tiny hand to touch the muzzle of a neighbor’s horse and felt its magical breath blow the hair atop my head it was over for me.

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As an adult, the soft coat of a horse beneath my hand and the one of a kind scent that fills my nostrils whenever I am in their presence is enough to calm even the most stressful of days. As you can imagine, I can never remember a time when it was enough for me to just see a horse. I am completely compelled to talk to, pat, and even to ride them when they are mine. In fact, my horse is so central to my life that I never fail to get excited whenever I see her, much like seeing a long lost friend though it has likely been only moments since our last encounter. Horses, you see, are my happy place.

I understand the not ever one enjoys this affliction. For some it is another animal while others enjoy great passions that are not related to animals at all. I have to admit, as much as I understand having a grand passion, I find this lack of affliction for horses somewhat odd. It is difficult to understand why others do not feel as I do. On the other side of the coin, am I the only one like me? Surely not. There must be other members of my tribe.

This afternoon I met one such member of my tribe. This Hispanic gentleman for whom English is a second language introduced himself and immediately followed his introduction with, “I hear you are a horse person.” I understood him perfectly.

For about thirty minutes he shared with me about each of his horses. I learned what each of them were like, their positives and their negatives. I shared with him about my own horse.

Reluctantly we wrapped up our conversations and went out with our respective days. It was a brief “ah hah” moment. This affliction of mine is shared across languages, nationalities, and countries.

The language of caballo. As much as it is important to be unique it also important to find others who are the same. Here’s hoping that you are able to share the language of horse with someone as well.


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