Dunlap and Whitwell Rock!

Dunlap Rock

Dunlap Rock

Dunlap Rockers: On my blog, I am an affiliate to several businesses but only one of those is local. You can find your rock somewhere in the parking lot of that business.

Whitwell Rock

Whitwell Rock

Whitwell Rockers: You can find your rock where horses are shown.

Contest Rules:

1.) When rocks are found please post to the respective Facebook page: Dunlap Rocks or Whitwell Rocks and tag either me, Hope Ellis-Ashburn, and/or my blog’s Facebook page, Red Horse on a Red Hill.

2.) Message me on Facebook, either on my personal page or my blog’s page, to arrange a time to meet in Dunlap or Whitwell to exchange your rock for a free, size large, Red Horse on a Red Hill t-shirt. (*Note: In order to receive t-shirt the rock must be returned.)

3.) Finder consents to having their photograph made with the rock and t-shirt for a press release in local newspapers and social media outlets.

4.) Winners determined at the blog owner’s discretion.

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