Trail Riding Adventures at the Milky Way Farm

My love for trail riding the Milky Way Farm has grown each of the past three years that I have done it. It never fails to be chocked full of delightful surprises. My respect for the sheer magnitude and beauty of the farm is unrivaled.

This year my friend and I started planning for our trip well in advance. We deepened our historical research of the farm. We reviewed maps. We came up with a plan to see the  ruins of the famous Crooked Sheep Barn and to locate what remained of the 5/8’s mile Show Horse Track. We were not disappointed. Come along with me on a pictorial guide of our ride.

In addition to the photographs I thought you might enjoy taking a few virtual rides with me. Enjoy these clips which were also taken during yesterday’s ride. The first clip was taken as I rode inside the ruins of the Crooked Sheep Barn. The intricate details that make up the design of this barn is difficult to wrap you head around. It is quite literally built north and south on the side of the hill. The hill dictated the shape of the barn which is built similar to a rainbow on the hill side but with variations to its shape to accommodate the natural lay of the land.

The second and third clips were taken at the one mile Thoroughbred Training Track where 1940 Kentucky Derby winner Gallahadion once trained. A friend made the first video while I held the phone and filmed from astride on the second.  These clips illustrate well just why I love the Arabian horse and in particular my chestnut mare. Within days she can transition from jumping fences to herding cattle to trail riding to galloping on a race track and never bat an eye. Mind you, we weren’t anywhere near racing speed but you can clearly tell that she was enjoying the experience just as much as I did.

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