2017 UT College of Veterinary Medicine Horse Owners Conference

If you missed yesterday’s UT College of Veterinary Medicine’s Horse Owners Conference the bad news is that you really missed something. There’s not a day in recent memory that I have learned so much. The theme for the conference was “Rehabilitate.Recover.Renew.” and renewing my knowledge and skills was exactly what I did. Just some of the interesting topics covered were: lameness, hoof care, “tying up,” diseases of the nasopharynx and larynx, performance horse nutrition, and regenerative medicine. It was truly a fantastic day and you’ll be hearing more from me about it in the future.

The thing about the UTCVM is that every single vet, farrier, and expert guest speaker that I met yesterday was positively thrilled to be there. When touring the vet school their enthusiasm was contagious. They used words and phrases like, “let me show you my playground” or “let me show you my toys.” These experts have a genuine energy and excitement about the work they do. Wow. Just wow. Not one person seemed unhappy to be there presenting from the early morning hours on and on a Saturday at that. If you did miss this year’s conference, the good news is that there is always next year.

For those of you that were unable to make it, I’ve created a photo collage and a sampling of videos from the demonstrations. Stay tuned for future pieces from this exciting conference. 


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