Sharing Memories and Looking Forward to Spring


View #6 of the remains of “Barn No. 5” at the Milky Way Farm. Additional photos can be found in the content.

The weather the past couple of days in particular has me feeling melancholy. Yesterday was a dreary and cloudy day with intermittent rain showers. Today is much the same except that it is much colder out; the rain is more frequent with an occasional wintry mix. Add to the mix a visit to one of my favorite places on earth, the Milky Way Farm located in picturesque Giles County, TN, and you have a combination that both reminds me of old but good times that live on in my memories (alongside a sadness at their passing) and thoughts of Spring.

Back in August I brought to you several photographs of a trail ride I took on the Milky Way Farm. It remains one of my most popular posts to date. I wasn’t trail riding yesterday, instead exploring the farm from the comfort of my husband’s truck, but I was introducing friends to the wonder of the Milky Way Club House and the majestic beauty of the farm.

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One of the best things about the Milky Way Farm is that no matter how many times you visit there are always new things to discover. After so many years I thought I was quite familiar with the farm but yesterday we discovered the footprint of a barn I didn’t know about. These barns, there’s just something about them. Whether they are the remains, in ruin, or have been lovingly restored you can’t escape or deny the special feeling that encompasses you when you are in them. My soul is well, somehow excited yet in peace. I walk the barn length, width, and perimeter. I touch the stone and am eager to explore every nook and cranny. I’m grateful that the Milky Way Farm’s owners so graciously share it with the public.

As we visited “old” places like the former Thoroughbred Show Barn where I once worked I am flooded with memories of a different time. But as we came upon new discoveries such as this old barn I am anxious to add to my collection of memories about the Milky Way. I want to know more about this barn’s history. I want to take our trail rides in the spring further afield.

Enjoy these photographs. Right now, from old maps of the Milky Way, I only know this beauty as “Barn No. 5.” According to my research, it was originally it was built during the Great Depression as a cattle barn. How was the barn used for these cattle? Did it ever have another purpose? What eventually happened to it? What stories would these old stone walls tell if they could talk? These are things I wonder about and hope to one day know. Even without knowing its background it doesn’t take much of an imagination to envision what an impressive structure it must have once been and remains today though in a different way. In just a few more months I plan to be back only this time I’ll be enjoying the scenic views and making new discoveries from horseback that I plan to share with you.


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