Oklahoma Here I Come!


Whether you are a regular follower of my blog or simply read my posts from time to time you probably already know that I started this blog this past summer in July. My original goal was to connect with my readers by having a central location for my published freelance writing work. I also wanted to have a venue for other educational pieces that I had developed and maybe share a few stories of the more humorous type.

Fast forward a few short months later, over Fall Break in October, I received an email from Zoetis with the intent of inviting all equine industry bloggers to enter their Equine Blogger Challenge. The prize, an all expense paid four day, three night trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the AQHA World Championship Show sounded interesting. After all, I have not been back to Oklahoma since a horse judging trip in college twenty-five years ago. Having a little extra time on my hands with the Break, I entered.

A couple of weeks later I received an email notifying me of the most amazing news. I had won! On Wednesday of this week I depart for the show. I’m greatly excited about it! I hope you’ll follow my adventures as I make blog posts about my visits to the trade show, watch championship classes, and visit other areas of (equine) interest in Oklahoma City. I tip my cowboy hat to Zoetis for such a phenomenal opportunity!

If there’s an area of particular interest about the region or the show you would like to see more about hit me up! You never know, I may be able to cover it as a blog post. Or, if you’re at the show either as a spectator or participant, look me up! I’d love to say hi.


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