Relationship Firsts for Horse Girls


In most “normal” relationships there are many firsts. We’ve read about them in romance novels. We’ve experienced them in real life. We look forward to their first happy occurrence. The first kiss, the first “I love you,” even the first out of town trip.

Those firsts mark important relationship milestones.  For us horse girls though there are other important firsts of a completely different and non-romantic type. There is the first trail ride. The first horse show.

I do not share those experiences with just anyone. But there is another relationship first for us that’s  HUGE! I was horrified to admit it at first but deep down it is as equally important to us as any other first in a more standard relationship.

Allow me to explain. Whether we openly admitted it or not, after many months of riding together with my new friend we had quietly made assessments about each other’s abilities both as riders and as horsewomen.  Just as with any other relationship, over a period of time we ever so gradually became comfortable just being ourselves. Eventually that led to riding in front of one another just as we normally ride, without trying to impress one another.

Satisfied with the other’s abilities the inevitable one day happened. Who knows who made the first move, but the offer was extended and accepted. Would you like to try riding my horse? Hesitantly at first, we dismounted and exchanged the reins. We swung a leg aboard our “new” horses and exchanged nervous glances.

Minutes passed as we asked our mounts to move out and began putting them through their paces. Our respective horses actually performed well and seemed to enjoy their new riders.  It was then that our eyes locked. I kid you not, it was at that moment that we both pressed our knuckles to our lips and in a moment of inexplicable raw emotion our eyes welled up with tears of joy. I think I may have experienced heart palpitations.

My thoughts ran to, oh my God, do you know what this means? I CAN GO ON VACATION AGAIN!!! No more sad looks from my husband when I ask just who was going to ride my horse while we are out of town. I had really and truly found someone who I could trust to not only provide excellent care for my horse in my absence but to ride her as well! Someone who could not only ride her but who could continue to advance her education without undoing all of my hard work!

Glory of glory I had found that most special someone to trust with my most precious possession AND she even sent me pictures of my beloved companion while I was away!!! She asked for nothing in return for this momentous task except that I could provide the same for her when she needed someone to lend a hand. I could have swooned because only a horse person will understand how insanely important this is. You can search for years and never find this.

Some time has now passed since that special day. We have realized that we are in it for the long haul. We enjoy and do not attempt to hide our late night texts about our equine related triumphs and disappointments. We query one another for advice on the odd equine ailment. We seek out adventurous rides at new locations.

Once accustomed to the blank, disinterested stares of our significant others, family, and non-horsey friends, we now have someone with whom to share our grand passion! Our spouses, family, and friends outside of our horsey group seem genuinely relieved that they no longer have to suffer through long, tedious, and sometimes questionable conversations with us about our horses. The balance has been restored. We are free to have the regular conversations of adults who know nothing of our other lives with horses. My life is full. And with the sharing of this parody, here’s hoping that you find your “special horsey someone” to share life with the horse girl within.

2 thoughts on “Relationship Firsts for Horse Girls

  1. That´s so amazing that you found a friend like that. Someone you trust your (almost;-)) most precious companion with! Totally LOVE your story and I really feel you! You do not trust your horse with just anyone!
    I wish you a happy vacation 😉
    Totally enjoyed this post!

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