5 Safety Tips for Horseback Riding Kids

I’ve been away having an amazing time at the AHP Equine Media Seminar in Hunt Valley, MD. I’ve come home with some ideas I’m crazy excited about but while I recover and get organized I’m sharing a post from a guest blogger, Mike Shortridge. I hope you enjoy his contribution. Continue reading

My Horsey Bucket List

Bucket List.jpg

Over the past few months I’ve been really fortunate to publish in some equine publications that have long been on my bucket list. They first gained a foothold there because, for some, I had read them since my teen years. For others, I had recently come to admire and respect the work within. For still others, there were sentimental reasons for hoping to see my work within their pages. While I hope to continue to publish in these publications I also have some new goals. I’m waiting on just the right story before I go knocking on their door too. Continue reading

Remembering 1940 Kentucky Derby Winner Gallahadion

(Video clip courtesy of: Kentucky Derby Woodford Reserve)

No Kentucky Derby day blog post would be complete without a nod to the big race itself. Assuming that all horse people are by default Thoroughbred race horse people, I’ve been asked many times over the years not only who I thought might win the current year’s race, but also who is my favorite Kentucky Derby winner of all time. My answer is often times surprising. I rarely pick a winner, choosing instead to just enjoy the race itself, and my favorite all time winner does not often surface on the ‘most popular’ list. Continue reading

Expert Perspectives on Thrush


Soft heel crack, deep thrush

Soft heel crack with deep thrush. Photo Credit: Jeremy Davis


As a writer, creating content for the American Quarter Horse Journal has long been on my bucket list. In addition, whether what I am writing about is a fresh perspective on an old subject or a new topic all together, I always learn something when I interview experts in their fields. That’s why I’m especially excited to share with you my article on thrush and smelly feet recently published in the April 2018 health issue of the Journal. Continue reading

Pen Pals


Wester Horseman Letter 1

My pen pal letter published in The Western Horseman magazine. I’m not sure what I meant then by “almost registered” except that at the time the Spotted Saddle Horse was a relatively new breed. About six year’s earlier, one registry had been established with another arriving on the scene the following year. I do remember seeking to get my pony registered.

Recently, I was inspired to write about a favorite memory that involved horses. For inspiration, I dusted off an old photo album and began pouring over the old pictures inside. Several leapt out at me but  I realized there was one in particular that I had never written about before but that was most definitely a major part of my history with horses. Continue reading

Carly Kade’s Equestrian Author Spotlight

This past summer, at the American Horse Publications Equine Media Seminar, I met THE Carly Kade! In addition to being a fellow blogger, Carly is the author of the best selling In the Reins series along with a slew of other extraordinary accomplishments. Here’s a link to her web site where you can purchase her books and learn more, Carly Kade Creative.

Carly is energetic, friendly, and just plain FUN to be around! It was easy to develop an instant connection. That’s why I was so delighted when she invited me to be a part of the Equestrian Author series that she writes on her blog. Carly’s interview with me went live yesterday and I’m positively thrilled to include on it here today! I hope that you will give it a read and follow Carly today! Sound like fun? Then read on! Equestrian Author Spotlight: Hope Ellis-Ashburn

AHP Equine Industry Survey

00001I’m excited to use my blog as a venue to announce that the 2018 American Horse Publications Equine Industry Survey has launched! The information gathered as a result of this survey can benefit all of us who are involved in the equine community. AHP’s official press release regarding the survey can be found here AHP Equine Industry Survey Press Release. Want to take the survey as I did? You are eligible if you own at least one horse, are over the age of eighteen, and live in the United States. Here’s the link AHP Survey. I promise it won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Happy surveying and happy riding!